Eastern Sierra at sunrise

Eastern Sierra at sunrise


The Owens Valley is located more than 200 miles northeast of Los Angeles, California off of one of our nation's most scenic drives - Highway 395.

The history of the Owens Valley is rich, raw, cowgirl, cowboy, Native American, Japanese American and astounding in its sharp-toothed beauty.



Check out these sites for a veritable tour of the Deepest Valley:

1. What inspired my story "Parable of the Pupfish," fisheries biologist Phil Pister's article in Natural History.

2. Mike Prather's blog

3. Dave and Janet Carle's blog of their book Traveling the 38th Parallel

4. Films Shot in Lone Pine

5. A terrific article on the bristlecone pines of the White-Inyo Range

6. Digital scans of Ansel Adams' photographs of Japanese-American internees at Manzanar War Relocation Camp.

7. History page of the Bishop Chamber of Commerce

8. Kim Stringfellow's incredible audio tour of the Valley that sheds light on the past, present and possible future of Los Angeles and the Owens Valley. 

9. Front page of the Los Angeles Times upon the opening of the L.A. Aqueduct.

10. A ghost town called Aurora that no longer exists 

11. A ghost town that you can still see

12. Incredible slide show of the Los Angeles Aqueduct 

13. David Carle’s many wonderful nonfiction books on water and history, plus his fiction, not to be missed!

14. Saving the best for last . . . Chris Austin's incredibly juicy site on all things California water, with a special section on the Owens River and L.A. Aqueduct, Maven's Notebook