I'm Reading in Los Angeles at The Park Restaurant, Echo Park!
3:00 PM15:00

I'm Reading in Los Angeles at The Park Restaurant, Echo Park!

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Join Dynamo, Big Lucks, Barely South Review and me for an afternoon of language to swoon by!

Epic Reading at The Park Restaurant (1400 Sunset Blvd.) the beating Heart of Echo Park Neighborhood! Featuring:

Hanif Willis Abdurraqib
Michelle Lin
Brian Clifton
Kristine Zeigler
Brian Clifton
Carolina Ebeid

Enjoy drinks, get your mind blown, ambiance, language, swooning.

For more information and to tell us you're coming:


Embarking on Novel Adventure!
Nov 30

Embarking on Novel Adventure!

For years I have heard of National Novel Writing Month, nicknamed NaNoWriMo, and yet I did not think it was the right way for me to go about writing my own novel. It seemed too light, fun, inclusive and buoyant. Wasn't writing a novel supposed to be heart-wrenching, gut-checking business? How could a novel be any good after only 30 days? What if I participated, but ended up writing something totally useless? But damn it if those NaNoWriMo's didn't seem to be having so much fun! My curmudgeonly self eventually lost out to my more dazzling self who has faith and believes in the process of creativity.

The 30-day challenge is open to anybody and the point is just to participate, not to see whose novel is actually worthy of reading, or dare I think it, even worthy of being published. I am pushing aside my internal devil of self-sabotage who likes to sit on my shoulder and say things like,

"Who do you think you are?"

"A real writer doesn't need a gimmick to finish a book."

"If you do NaNoWriMo, people will think you're not a literary writer. They will laugh and talk about you behind your back, feel sorry for you and call you a fraud."

That horned beast is so convincing! But he knows nothing of my resolve. I turn all his nasty questions and statements on their head: 

- I believe I am a writer, a pretty good one, in fact. Always learning and growing.

-Real writers write. I do that, therefore, I'm real, baby!

-So what if people talk behind my back?

-I'm not a fraud, I'm a creative being full of ideas, words, and tales. I have so many things to write, I can sit right here and begin to tell you many wonderful stories. I have enough for a lifetime. I can make shit up like nobody's business.

I just completed day one of NaNoWriMo and it feels great. Can I do 29 more days? Who knows? Who cares? I am going to play and have fun with this. Want to join me? Anybody can do it. Check out the community of writing fools here and let's do this! 


Nov 1


The Saint Ann's Review published my short story "Mrs. Hanson! Read it here

25th Annual Lone Pine Film Festival
Oct 12

25th Annual Lone Pine Film Festival

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The Silver Anniversary of the Lone Pine Film Festival takes place Columbus Day Weekend in beautiful Lone Pine, California. Read all about the films, stunning natural setting and stars joining the festival here.

Check out my blog post on the festival as well as some fun pics here

Nature's Scribes Book Club Event
12:00 PM12:00

Nature's Scribes Book Club Event

  • The Nature Conservancy ()

Join my colleagues and me for an exciting discussion of Mark Tercek's book Nature's Fortune  and The New Yorker's staff writer D.T. Max's article "Green is Good." To RSVP please send your name, email and number of guests to kristine.zeigler@gmail.com.

Jul 31


One of the ten short stories from my collection Cover This Country Like Snow has just been published! Read "Parable of the Pupfish" here

Mule Days Celebration
May 25

Mule Days Celebration

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Every year when I was a kid I marched in the Mule Days Parade. Now the event turns 45! During the Memorial Day Weekend, more than 700 mules compete in 181 events. From the muledays.org site: "There is no way to actually describe Mule Days. It is part mule show, part test of skills, and part Wild West show. Situated on the Tri-County Fairgrounds in Bishop, California, Mule Days has become an international world class event. Crowds have grown from 200 to more than 30,000 fans! Highlights of the Celebration include the Thursday night concert, featuring Country Music stars, the longest running non-motorized parade on Saturday morning, Steer roping and penning, an event normally reserved for quarter horses, and the Packer's Scramble – the wildest, noisiest and funniest event of the weekend. There are also barbecues, country dances and an arts & crafts show. All taking place at the foot of the beautiful Eastern Sierra."

12:30 PM12:30

Get Going - A Live Online Seminar to Kick-start Your Writing Practice

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We are well into 2014 and if improving your writing skills and practice was on your list of New Year’s resolutions, I’ve got a fun way for you to accomplish it! 

Whether you write emails, blogs, proposals, reports, memos, scientific papers, poetry, business plans or novels, your writing muscles need continual strengthening. 

Kick-start your writing this spring with Get Going. I designed this seminar for all ability levels and loaded it up with what I've learned over the years. There’s plenty of inspiration, too! 

What you will receive:

     In-class exercises to strengthen your creative writing skills coupled with on-the-spot coaching and encouragement

    Take-away resources for extended learning

   Tips for creating a writing discipline to  satisfy your worst critic (you!)

Beginner or experienced, every writer needs to build creative muscle. At no other time in human history is the ability to articulate ideas and persuade others as important as it is today.

Get Going and sign up with the directions below!
To join the online meeting (Now from mobile devices!)
1. Go to https://nethope.webex.com/nethope/j.php?MTID=mddb23a685e980bd454734aa22326a03e
2. If requested, enter your name and email address.
3. If a password is required, enter the meeting password: Nature1
4. Click "Join".

To view in other time zones or languages, please click the link:

To join the teleconference only
Provide your phone number when you join the meeting to receive a call back. Alternatively, you can call:
Call-in toll-free number: 1-(866) 385-9623  (US)
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