Save the Date for My Classes in Wisconsin in 2020!

katerine zeigler

Save the Date! I will be teaching three sessions March 27th and 28th at the supportive, inspiring, and inclusive Writers’ Institute at the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 2020! You can check out my classes on making time and finding money to write; a checklist for the writing life patterned after those that pilots and doctors use; and a masterclass on nature writing to save the planet. Click here to learn more about this amazing conference. All skill levels, from never having written to experienced published author, are welcome!

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Cover This Country Like Snow and Other Stories

Cover This Country Like Snow and Other Stories

Cover This Country Like Snow and Other Stories

Available December 10, 2018!

The life that had existed here would be erased, and all reminders of backbreaking work and toil would become invisible on the horizon . . .What the City wanted was simple—her water.

In these ten stories set before, during and after the water wars between the sophisticated City of Los Angeles and the rural underdogs from the Owens Valley, the characters want one thing—to survive. Here are swashbuckling, daring and undisciplined explorers and miners, a former prisoner at a World War II relocation camp, abused and displaced Native Americans, and even one very ancient tree, brought together across time and terrain to tell their tales. Cover This Country Like Snow evokes the Wild West in its adventure, heroism and majestic mountain vistas. But where land and water are involved, so too is cowardice, greed and the violent ambitions of humanity to harness the power of nature—at any cost.

“There’s something very contemporary about her writing—think Pierre Michon or Sabina Murray. And there's something very old school about it as well—the way novels used to be written, when history and nature were inseparable from fiction, like Cather, Stegner, London.” —Caleb True, Dynamo Verlag Press.